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STI   TMP:  The Motion Picture 
The crew of the Enterprise confronts a powerful and destructive energy cloud made by a machine which turns out to be a fusion of a 20th-century Earth satellite with alien technology.
December 7, 1979

II   TWoK:  The Wrath of Khan 
Having been frustrated in his plans to build a race of superhumans by Captain Kirk, Khan Noonien Singh hijacks the USS Reliant seeking revenge.
June 4, 1982

STIII   TSFP:  The Search for Spock 
Before dying in the previous film, Spock transferred his thoughts (his 'katra') to Dr. McCoy's body. To properly lay Spock to rest on the planet Vulcan, both Spock's body and McCoy must be present. Spock's body was on the planet created by Genesis technology, and has regenerated without his memories.
June 1, 1984

STIV   TVH:  The Voyage Home 
The crew of the Enterprise arrives back at Earth to find it under siege by a probe from another galaxy seeking contact with humpback whales, now extinct. They travel back to the 1980s to retrieve a breeding pair to contact the probe and repopulate the oceans. November 26, 1986

V   TFF:  The Final Frontier 
Spock's emotional brother, Sybok, claims to be in communication with a godlike being in the center of the galaxy. Seizing the Enterprise, he takes her and her crew through the Great Barrier at the center of the galaxy to confront the entity.
June 9, 1989

VI   TUC:  The Undiscovered Country 
After their homeworld is wracked by an environmental disaster, the Klingons make peace with the Federation though many on both sides are opposed.
December 6, 1991

VII   GEN:  Generations 
Captain Picard confronts Dr. Tolian Soren, a villain willing to destroy populated planets to experience euphoria in a region of space called the Nexus.
November 18, 1994

STIIX   FC:  First Contact 
The crew of the Enterprise pursues the Borg back in time to restore human history. They witness first contact between humans and aliens.
November 22, 1996

STIX   INS:  Insurrection 
The crew of the Enterprise aids a rebellion on the Baku homeworld against Picard's superior officer, Admiral Dougherty, who wants to relocate the Baku in violation of the Prime Directive.
December 11, 1998

X   NEM:  Nemesis 
Captain Picard confronts the villainous Shinzon, a younger genetic clone of himself who kidnaps him to replenish his own DNA while plotting to destroy earth. The story also involves a predecessor of Data named B-4.
December 13, 2002

STXI   ST:  Star Trek
Newly Captained James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise fights a Romulan menace.
May 8, 2009

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