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Inferring Unknown Personalities

Instruct the students that they will be given a survey.  It’s a secret personality survey, so students are not to write their names on their papers!  They should put a secret password on the sheet, so they can identify their papers later..

Hand out the the Survey.  Make sure they write their passwords.  Read the instructions together as a class.  Give them about 20 minutes to answer all the questions. 

Collect these papers when they have finished.  Randomize the papers.

Pair the students.  Hand out one finished Survey page to each pair and give them a minute to look it over.  Make sure students don’t know whose survey they have been given.

Hand out the Investigators page to each pair.  Read the instructions together as a class. 

The Investigators page asks students to interpret or infer mystery person’s personality.  After that, they can write their suspect’s name on the paper. 

When a pair finishes, give them a second Survey to investigate.

After everyone finishes, collect the Surveys and Investigators pages (keeping them together).  Give them back to the original students according to their passwords.

Students can then see if:
a) Their names were identified
b) Their personalities were identified


Do not put your name on this paper, and do not tell anyone your answers. 

Password:_________________________ (secret word)

Write answers to the following questions, giving your first true reaction. Do not put what you feel is an “expected” answer. You may write more than one answer for a question.

Survey :
What is your favorite TV show?

What is your favorite song?

What is your favorite movie?

What is your favorite expression or saying?

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite type of weather?

What is your favorite book?

What is your favorite sport?

What is your favorite sound?

What is your favorite smell?

What is your favorite pet peeve or something that annoys you a lot?

If you were a member of a rock group, what would be the group’s name?


INSTRUCTIONS: You and your partner are Profilers.  You try to accurately describe a person using limited clues.  Using the survey answers you have been given, discuss the following questions with your partner.  Make the best conclusions you can and state the reasons for your conclusion.  Then try to guess who the student (suspect) is!

What Kind of Person Could it Be?

Is your classmate male or female?

Using the answers, describe your classmate’s physical appearance.

What is your classmate’s hobby?

What is your classmate’s favorite food?

What is your classmate’s favorite activity?

Describe how your classmate’s living room would be decorated.

What job will your classmate have 10 years from now?

Where will your classmate be living 10 years from now?

Describe your classmate’s personality.

What advice would your classmate give you about achieving his/her goals?

Suspect’s password:____________________