Ok, hello folks, and welcome to Atlas Geekography.  My name is Frank, my pen name is Frank Atlas, a.k.a. Triskelion on the Trek BBS. 

This website is under construction so bear with me.  As you can see I hope to create a single site where you can get all your favorite science fiction TV episodes & films (films based on sci fi TV shows, for the most part, rather than the whole film genre).  Here at AG you can get your series fix all in one place.

So what is Atlas Geekography?

- a quick episode reference.  Which one was that when Captain Kirk fought the guy in the silver shirt?  We've got that one, and synopses of all the best sci fi series episodes, by title, air date, and story summary.  Now when fans bandy titles about you don't have to research all over the place just to jump into a geeky conversation.  It's all right here.

- a place to watch episode videos.  Now, in no way do I wish to violate IP of any series.  The studios made a product we all love and deserve to be paid for it.  However, you'll find that some of these series are already available for free mass consumption; in those cases, I will scour the internet to bring you the links, or embed the vids conveniently.  I can't guarantee links to offsite videos are licensed, and I make no express claim to responsibility for those sites.  If you find a copyright violation, please inform me so I can remove the link ASAP.  All copyrights are retained by the original production companies.

- a place to read searchable text versions of episode scripts & transcripts. 

- a place to read & write episode reviews; I will look around the internet to aggregate reviews, giving credit where it is due.  Again, I just want Atlas Geekography to be a place that collects this stuff in one place so you don't have to go around  looking for it.  No IP violation is intended or claimed.  If you contribute, please source your cut & paste jobs accordingly so we fans can find those cool websites too.

- a place to rate each episode & post comments.  Each series episode will have its own subforum for a ratings poll and comments section, and you don't have to be a member to post.  Anonymous posts will be allowed, just like on Youtube, but unlike Youtube, crapslingers can "Consider yourself erased".  I promise to respond to trolls with arbitrary force and reckless abandon, and no explanations given.

- a place to buy, sell & trade your fan merchandise.  There is a free photo classifieds forum called the Alien Flea Market.  Link to your ebay shop, advertise your Con table, or trade pikachu cards - whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, comments & suggestions are welcome as I build this site.


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